The border crossing from Hungary into Croatia was the first time during our trip where we had to show our passports.  Our time in Croatia was short and sweet.  We were only there for a few days, but we had some excellent biking on smooth roads. OK, we also had some big hills, but we were feeling pretty good that day, so it wasn’t too difficult.  On Sunday we gave ourselves a much-needed day of rest in the city of Osijek.  It basically rained all day, so we didn’t do any biking that day.  We didn’t do much of anything, actually, and we were OK with that.  Finally in the evening the rain cleared up and we ventured out to explore a few sites in the city.

Statue and cathedral in Osijek, Croatia

Our next day of biking took us through the town of Vukovar, where we saw a lot of damage still visible from the civil war in the 90’s.  The most memorable was the old water tower that still stands above the city.

Old water tower in Vukovar; notice the damage from the civil war

While we were in Vukovar we stopped for lunch at a restaurant and asked our waiter what some typical Croatian food was.  He recommended cevapcici, which were little fried sausages served over large pieces of fried bread.  Not the kind of meal you’d want to eat on a regular basis, but we figured we’d burn off the calories soon enough with our biking.

Cevapcici, a typical Croatian dish recommended by our waiter


One Response to “Croatia”

  1. T-Man Says:

    That Cevapcici looks REALLY good

    I am jealous

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