One last little bit of Austria

Before leaving Stockerau, we took a train into Vienna and spent a day exploring the city and looking for our old apartments and the places where we used to hang out when we lived there.  Lindsay lived in Vienna for two summers (2003 and 2004) as part of her German studies in college.  During her first summer there, she took classes at a language school.  We looked for the school, but we weren’t able to find it; apparently it had moved to another part of the city.  We did, however, find the apartment that she lived in that summer.

Lindsay's first apartment in Vienna, above a bakery

During Lindsay’s second summer in Vienna, she took some classes at the University of Vienna on topics like German art and literature, and teaching foreign languages.  During that same summer, David came to Vienna with a group from college for a month-long cross-cultural trip.  The group took language classes at the language school Lindsay had studied at the previous summer, and we all lived in an apartment building close to the language school.

University of Vienna

University of Vienna

The apartment building where we lived in the summer of 2004

That afternoon we had lunch and spent time reminiscing in a restaurant we had frequented during our time in Vienna.

That night we said goodbye to our host family in Stockerau and prepared to resume our biking trip.  The next day we stopped in the center of town to get some things before leaving, and we ran into one of our students from the English camp.  She wanted to know why we were still around after the rest of the Americans had left, and we explained to her about our biking trip.

On our way out of Austria, we visited an area called Carnuntum that is famous for having many Roman ruins.  We visited the ruins of a Roman arena.  We were surprised that we were allowed to walk through, and even on, the ruins.  In the museum at the arena, David tried on a gladiator’s helmet (OK, not the real thing, it was a reproduction).  It was quite heavy and hot…it was hard to believe they actually wore helmets like that!

Walking on the Roman ruins

David’s new bike helmet

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  1. T-Man Says:

    Lovin the helmet…but mine is better

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